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Bring Them Home Now
The October 7th, 2023 Kidnappings in Israel

On the morning of October 7th, 2023, terror rained down on Israel, leaving the nation forever changed.


Hamas, a cruel, barbaric terrorist organization, launched an attack that left 1,400 Israeli civilians, soldiers, and law enforcement officials dead.

As the day progressed, details of the attack surfaced and a far more dreadful truth emerged. 240 Israeli civilians; men, women, children, elders, teens, and infants, were taken hostage into Gaza.

These soul-wrenching atrocities have left the families of those taken in turmoil and a whole nation crippled by anxiety, awaiting for their safe return. Taken as hostages, they were cruelly snatched from their loved ones, leaving behind a void that can only be filled by their safe return. The phrase "bring them home" echoes through the hearts of their families and friends, and through the heart of our entire nation.

This site is a testament to them and their stories. Our goal is to document the events of that day and make sure their names and stories are not forgotten so that we bring them back now.

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